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Location and Access

Salamanca is located in the west of Spain in the autonomous region of Castilla y León 214 kilometres from Madrid.

If you are coming from outside Spain the simplest way to get here is to take a plane to Madrid (Barajas Airport) and then a bus (Avanza Bus) or train (RENFE); both run frequently. The journey from Madrid to Salamanca takes approximately two hours. If you are coming from Portugal or France you can travel by bus or train.

Testimonies & Experiences

  • As president of the Spanish Association of Laboratory Technicians (Asociación Española de Técnicos de Laboratorio, AETEL) and being from Salamanca, I proposed to the National Executive Board that the 29th national congress should be held in Salamanca and in the end we achieved this. We are extremely grateful for the work and the collaboration of the Convention Bureau team as without its help we would not have had the success of having 420 technicians from all over Spain together with some colleagues from Portugal. It was a congress with spectacular scientific participation and all those attending fell in love with SALAMANCA. Thank you for everything and for your professionalism; keep doing things the same way because this is synonymous with success for our city. Once again, many thanks from all the technicians and the Executive Board of the AETEL.

    Juan Carlos Rodriguez
    President of the AETEL

  • In July 2015 we held the IX FEBiotec - BAC Congress to make Salamanca the Spanish capital of Biotechnology for 3 days. We set records for both participation and scientific papers, which also came from other parts of Europe and Latin America. We also enjoyed the presence of the Nobel Prizewinner for Chemistry Robert Huber and other very prestigious biotechnologists such as Luis Herrera Estrella. Without the help of the Salamanca Convention Bureau this great success would not have been possible and we hope that we can continue to count on its collaboration in the future. Many thanks for believing in us!

    Alberto Sevillano Zorita
    Vice-Chairman, Executive Board and Coordinator BAC 2015

  • The Youth ECAN (Annual Cultural Congress for Novels) is a project that was initiated in early 2014 in order to encourage teenagers to read and which was subsidised by the Universidad de Salamanca and the Ministry of Culture. Each year a select group of experts (translators, writers, scriptwriters, journalists, editors…) meets at the Faculty of Translation and Documentation to get to the bottom of all the pleasures and mysteries of literature for young people. Many thanks to the Salamanca Convention Bureau for being part of its success now for two consecutive years! Your guidance, professionalism, and support have been invaluable to us.

    Eva Rubio
    Writer of the Grupo Planeta, Documentalist, and Organiser of the Youth ECAN

  • In October 2014 we organised the National Congress of the Spanish Association of Allergology & Clinical Immunology with records set for both participation (it was attended by over 1,200 people) and scientific papers. I would like to thank the Convention Bureau for its help in bringing the Congress to Salamanca, its availability, and its professionalism. It was always ready to collaborate and to support our candidature. Its excellent work made our task much easier.

    Ignacio Dávila
    President of the National Congress of the Spanish Association of Allergology & Clinical Immunology

  • I am extremely grateful to the Salamanca Convention Bureau for its help and support in drawing up our candidature for the 2015 Eurocon Congress, which happily will take place in Salamanca from 9th to 11th September.

    Emilio Corchado Rodríguez
    Main Organiser Startup OLÉ - Eurocon 2015

  • With the intention of presenting our candidature to hold jointly the Latin American Congress of Procedural Law and the World Conference of the International Association of Procedural Law in October 2018, within the framework of the activities of the Eighth Centenary of the Universidad de Salamanca, we turned to the Convention Bureau for help so as to show our project in the best and most convincing light. Its quality and rapid collaboration allowed us to obtain the approval of the respective governing bodies, which put their trust in us to make Salamanca a word point of reference for our speciality in October 2018. We were pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the Convention Bureau; without its work and experience we would have been lost with a challenge of this magnitude. Thank you very much.

    Lorenzo Bujosa
    Professor of Procedural Law at the Universidad de Salamanca

  • The Roman Noir and Cinema Noir Congress of the Universidad de Salamanca, which has been held annually since 2005, is one of the essential cultural events of the city. The help received from the university and the support of the Convention Bureau, which is in charge of facilitating any cultural event as far as possible and of appointing us ambassadors of the city, has become a further mechanism for the success of this activity.

    Javier Sánchez y Álex Martín
    Presidents of the Roman Noir and Cinema Noir Congress

  • In September 2014 we organised the international event known as the "I Congress on audiogenic epilepsy: from models to the clinic". From the outset we had the support of the Salamanca Convention Bureau. It made for easier relations with transport companies, the tourist board, the town council, and catering companies, and smoothed the paths of bureaucracy. As a native of Salamanca I am proud that offices of this kind contribute to the development of events in our city so as to make our work and Salamanca itself more visible.

    Dolores E. López
    Director of the Congress and Professor of the Universidad de Salamanca

  • In the name of the Executive Board of TESOL-SPAIN and in my own, I would like to thank the Town Councillors of Tourism and Culture and the Salamanca Convention Bureau for their support on the occasion of the 38th Annual Convention of TESOL-SPAIN. Your help was one of the factors that determined the success of the event, which was attended by over 600 English teachers and publishing houses from all over the world. Many thanks.

    Annie Altamirano
    President 38th Annual TESOL-SPAIN Convention

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